Bath Accessories


Bath accessories can easily take your self-care routine from undeniably underwhelming to rejuvenating and uplifting. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of bathroom essentials that are as beautiful as they are functional. From polishing body brushes to room shoes, our bath products don’t just take your overall well-being into account, they also embody our philosophy of promoting brands that champion sustainably made and ethically sourced bathroom items. 

With that in mind, our bath accessories aim to help you unwind from the stresses of a hard day’s work or prepare you for the hardships to come. We understand that, sometimes, finding some downtime to tune into our body’s needs can be difficult. We also understand that knowing which bath products to purchase can often feel overwhelming. That’s why our expert home and beauty buyers have their finger on the pulse of the bathroom items that will elevate your living space and wellness experience. 

Most prominent on Verishop are body scrub towels, which rid your skin of all the impurities you’ve carried with you throughout the day. Be them made with a charcoal or mesh base, our essential bathroom items work to deeply exfoliate your skin so that you don’t need the long soak to feel replenished. With the right bath accessories, a quick shower can do the trick. And with the right cozy room shoes, you can successfully pull the curtains on your day and enjoy much-deserved serenity. 

We want you to feel like your self-care routine is sacred, even if you don’t have the time to develop it the way you’d like to. To that effect, you should feel comfortable selecting a few of our bathroom items to add to your beauty counter. Knowing that you’ve made an eco-conscious purchase coupled with our bathroom accessories’ unquestionable effect on your body, you can be sure that our products won’t just be collecting dust and mold in the bathroom.