Swimwear for Women


Plan for beach days and poolside lounging with our range of women's swimwear. Choose timeless one-piece swimsuits or adorable high-waisted bikini sets in bold colors, designs, or subtle neutrals. Set the beach on fire with a black or bold-colored bikini, or amp up the vibe with color-blocked bikinis. You may also mix and match our vast selection of different bikinis and bottoms for the beach or pool.

Swimwear for Every Style and Occasion

Whether she enjoys basking in the sun on the beach or lounging by the pool with friends, bathing suits will always be an essential element of every woman's summertime wardrobe. There are a multitude of options available on Verishop, from modest, to sexy to bright and unique.

  • One-Piece Swimsuit

If you aren't comfortable or don't prefer the two-piece bikini swimsuits, our one-piece swimsuits are an ideal option for you. With so many designs and styles accessible online, a one-piece swimsuit is by no means monotonous, and you may select from various styles while preserving your style quotient. A one-piece swimsuit for women is not only comfy but also looks stunning on all body shapes. A one-piece swimsuit is ideal for both beach vacations and swimming pools.

  • Bikini Set

A bikini is a popular two-piece swimsuit among women. Choose the right bikini set from Verishop's selected assortment of swimming costumes to put the pool on fire. Bikini sets are available in various adorable and tempting designs that may make you seem attractive and alluring. They are offered in bandeau, halter, push-ups, and several more designs.

Swimwear for Every Body Type

Bikini sets from Verishop are tailored for women of various body shapes, including hourglass curves, tiny bosom sizes, large bosom sizes, and larger bottoms. If you need a bikini for tucking your tummy or bikini-line coverage, Verishop is the place to go.

Since Verishop believes in embracing all body types, our swim shop offers swimwear in various sizes and forms. So, you can choose from or create your style with our cute swimwear collection. Explore our extensive collection of plus size swimwear and maternity swimwear to discover more.

Make your swimsuit last all season long

If you're a frequent or occasional swimmer, you must properly maintain your swimwear. If you do not take precautions, the strong chemicals, salt water, extreme temperatures, and sand can harm the fabric. Since swimming suits are not inexpensive, they should be treated with the utmost care. You may use the following steps to maintain your bikini bathing suits.

  1. Wash your suit with cold tap water after each use. Soak it in cold water for thirty minutes, eliminating harmful ingredients, sand, salt, and body oils.

  2. Water alone is insufficient to eliminate all chlorine. Consequently, you must wash your swimsuit using a gentle detergent, and you may also use a little amount of shampoo to clean your swimsuit.

  3. After washing your swimsuit, do not wring it out. Drain excess water and carefully compress the swimsuit to prevent damage.

  4. Lastly, it is recommended to air dry your swimwear.

Swimwear FAQ

  • What size swimsuit should I buy?

As a general guideline, we recommend going with your regular bra size as a reference point when purchasing a bikini or swimsuit. For better coverage, increase the size of the bra's back by one size while picking one cup size lower to maintain the same amount in the cup.

  • Are swimming suits meant to be tight?

Yes, a swimsuit should be tight since it enables better movement in the water. However, it should feel like an appropriate fit so that you can breathe and move freely.

  • How frequently should you wash your swimsuit?

Wash your bathing suit after every use to eliminate chlorine and prevent mold growth. This can prevent stains and diluted colors for long-term use and re-use.

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